What is Liu He Ba Fa

Water Boxing or Liu He Ba Fa means "Six Harmony Eight Methods." In the Daoist belief, life is a balance between the five elements. Every element is necessary for life, but the water element is the key to longevity. The creator of Water Boxing, Chen Xi Yi, lived on Hua Shan (Mount Hua) in Shanxi Province during the 10th century. Water Boxing is often considered an internal style, and it is a combination of Tai Chi, Xingyi, and Bagua. It has two major routines composed of 66 movements.

Each movement is a sequence of 3 to 7 separate techniques, and it has more than 300 moves in the two routines. It has about 700 techniques and is often called an encyclopedia of martial arts. From the outside, this form creates a calm sensation (like water flowing), but from the inside comes abundant and powerful energy.

Master Wong is the 3rd generation direct lineage from Grand Master Wu Yi Hui of the Hua Yue Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Water Boxing System. He is a disciple of Grandmaster Lu Gui Yao (currently 89 years old) from Foshan, who is the disciple of Grandmaster Wu Yi Hui. Master Wong is also the honorary president of the China Fo San Xin Yi Liu He Ba Fa Association.

Until recently, Master Wong has kept this special art very low key and has only taught it to a selected few. Now, he has more time, and he has decided to teach this art to the public. Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from Master Wong!

This website is dedicated to all Liu He Ba Fa practicioners under the tutelage of Master Jimmy K. Wong through Grandmaster Lu Gui Yao and Great Grandmaster Wu Yi Hui.